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March 20, 2017
In the first game of the playoffs for Optimist Youth Basketball 9/10th Boys division, undefeated ANETTE’S CHOCOLATE kept their streak alive with a 41-36 victory over WINE TRAIN. Eight players scored for AC, led by 11 points from Justin Yates, 7 from Nathan Daniel who grabbed 10 rebounds, 6 points each from Carlos Chavez and Tyler Ghisletta, and 4 from Justin Berilla. WT also had 8 players score, Sean Lowe scoring 9, Dylan Paul with 6 Cesar Garcia had 5 and Tyson Wynn scored 4.

Playing very short handed GENERAL EQUIPMENT could only manage 18 points against NAPA VALLEY PHYSICAL THERAPY CENTER who ended with 39 points. For GEM, Aiden Waters had a season 8 points and 9 rebounds, Jason Scott had 6, Gabe Wilson scored 5 and Jim Witty scored 11. For GEM, Diego Alonso had the bulk of the scoring with 14 points,Diego had 6 rebounds and Trevor Elena had 2 points

LONG ELECTRIC defeated MARK COLEMAN INSURANCE 52-38. MCI was having to regroup as they had 3 players coming back to the line-up from injuries, for the playoffs. LEC saw Cameron Blos score 21 points to go with 6 steals, Caymus Barrett scored 12, Garrett Yates had 6 points with limited playing time, and Dawson Landis had 5. For MCI, Jesus Gonzalez had 10 points, Toby Montoya and Kelly O’Kelly each scored 9 , and Quentin Cordle scored 5.

ANETTE’S CHOCOLATES came back in their second game with a 57-43 win over JAVCO WINDOW AND GLASS. Finn Glascott couldn’t miss for AC and scored 22 points in the victory. Also scoring was Nathan Daniel with 9 points and his season high 1 three pointer, Justin Yates scored 7, and Jake Whipple and Tyler Ghisletta each had 6 points. Steve Blumoon scored 26 for JAVCO, Kyle Miller tossed in 10, Cristobal Soto had 5, and Joey Varela added 2.

February 11, 2017
In the Optimist Youth Basketball boys 9th-10th grade division, Physical Therapy Center came from behind in the fourth quarter to edge Napa Valley Wine Train, 32-30. The winners got ten points and two steals from Dylan Payne, Cutler Low's seven points and three steals, Carl Massen's nine boards, Gabriel Wilson's seven rebounds and two steals, Aiden Waters' six points,Jason Scott's three points, and two steals by Jacob Balanon. Cesar Garcia posted twelve boards and two steals for Wine Train, Tyson Wynn netted ten points, Dylan Paul scored nine points, Ezequiel Caro got eight rebounds and three steals, Matthew Shane pulled down six boards, Sean Lowe made four points and two steals, and Sean Lowe chipped in two steals.

Anette's Chocolates defeated Long Electric, 56-34, as Finn Glascott scored fifteen points and pulled down nine rebounds and Tyler Ghisletta had fifteen points and eight boards. Justin Berilla added eight points for the victors, Justin Yates netted six points, Samuel Clark got six rebounds and three points, Matthew Hanes scored three points, and Carlos Chavez put up five boards, four points, and three steals. Cameron Blos led Long with fourteen points, Caymus Barrett made eight points and three steals, Garret Yates had six points and six rebounds, Conrad Say grabbed six boards, and Quintin Fisher and Eduardo Barajas both got five rebounds.

Mark Coleman Insurance downed Javco Window and Glass, 62-35, getting eleven points and two steals from Joel Calderon, Toby Montoya's eleven points, and ten points and three steals by Ruben Villanueva. Jesus Gonzalez added eleven rebounds and six points for MCI, Jordan Furth-Lopez made nine points and two steals, Dante Salinas posted ten boards and three steals, Maxwell Padilla scored six points, Quentin Cordle had five points, Efrin Castro got nine rebounds and two steals, and Diego Olvera grabbed five boards. Trenton Maher had twelve points, eight rebounds, and two steals for Javco, Jeremy Tsujihara had eight points and six boards, Kyler Miller put up six points and six rebounds, and Dominic DiPasqua scored five points.

Down nine points after three quarters, General Equipment roared back to get a 33-31 win of Long Electric, as Juan Castro scored twelve of his seventeen points in the fourth quarter to go with twelve rebounds. The winners also got six points and five rebounds from Angel Ochoa, nine boards by Diego Alonso, Trevor Ellena's eight rebounds and two steals, and five points from Jonathan Basult. Cayman Barrett made ten points and four steals for Long, Garret Yates made nine points and two steals, Cameron Blos had nine rebounds and four points, Quintin Fisher posted seven boards and four points, George Laird had eight rebounds and two steals, and Eduardo Barajas added three points.

February 2, 2017
ANETTES CHOCOLATES remained undefeated in winning 51-37 over GENERAL EQUIPMENT. AC got a season high 20 points from Tyler Ghisletta, 10 points and 8 rebounds from Nathan Daniel, 9 points from Carlos Chavez, and 6 from Justin Yates.GEM scoring was led by Jonathan Basalto who sank 4 three pointers and ended with 15 points, Angel Ochoa had 8 points, and Juan Castro grabbed 10 rebounds.
WINE TRAIN edged MARK COLEMAN INSURANCE 32-26 WT got 9 points from Aiden Phillips, 8 from Dylan Paul,4 from Matthew Shane, and 13 rebounds from Cesar Garcia. For MCI, Jesus Gonzalez continued his rebounding excellence by nabbing 14 rebounds to go with his 5 points, Ruben Villanueva had 8 points, Jordan Furth-Lopez had 7 points and 9 steals.
JAVCO WINDOW AND GLASS paid the price as they met the powerful LONG ELECTRIC , losing to them ,45-28. League scoring leader Caymus Barrett led all scorers with 15 points for LEC. Cameron Blos added 12 points, Garrett Yates and Quintin Fisher each had 6 . Jacks Madigan and Jeremy Tsujihara each had 12 points for JAV and Kyle Miller captured 10 rebounds.
WINE TRAIN had a hard time finding the basket at Harvest Gym scoring only 16 points against PHYSICAL THERAPY CENTER who managed 22 points. PTC got Casey Peck to score 10 points ,and Aiden Waters, Julien Silverthorn and Gabriel Wilson each had 4 points. Wilson also had 14 rebounds. Tyson Wynn for WT led the team , scoring 9 , Matthew Shane added 3.

February 2, 2017
MARK COLEMAN INSURANCE edged out NAPA PHYSICAL THERAPY CENTER 36-30 . Jesus Gonzalez for MCI had 8 points and grabbed 17 rebounds, Max Padilla score 13 points with 3 threes, and Toby Montoya had 7 points. Gabriel Wilson and Dylan Paine each had 8 points for PTC while Jason Scott had 5 and Cutler Low 4 points.
In their second game of the season, both WINE TRAIN and LONG ELECTRIC showed signs of balanced scoring and solid defense as WT won 35-32 over LEC. WT got 11 points from Matthew Shane, Ruben Garcia added 6, 5 from Sean Lowe and Tyson Wynn , and 4 from Cesar Garcia who also had 10 rebounds. LEC had 11 points from Garret Yates, 5 each from Caymus Barret and Cameron Blos, and 4 apiece from Quintin Fisher and Mathew Heun.
ANETTS CHOCOLATES ran away from JAVCO WINDOW AND GLASS 43-15.The AC onslought was led by Justin Yates with 13 points, 9 rebounds, Tyler Ghisletta with 7 points, 9 rebounds, Nathan Daniel with 7 points 14 rebounds, Finn Glascott and Jake Whipple each with 6 points. Jeremy Tsujihara had 7 points for JAV and Dominic Di Pasqua and Trenton Maher each had 4.
GENERAL EQUIPMENT MAINTAINANCE dominated JAVCO WINDOW AND GLASS 46-24 with 9 players from GEM scoring. Led by Jojo Herman with 10 points, 8 from Anthony Martinez, Trevor Elena and Jonathan Basalto each had 6, and 4 each for Angel Ochoa and Nick Raymond. JAV got scoring from Jeremy Tsujihara with 8 points, Trenton Maher with 4 and Scott Smith points and 8 rebounds.

January 19, 2017
The 2017 Optimist Basketball 9/10th Boys Season started off Friday with WINE TRAIN facing off with JAVCO WINDOW AND GLASS. Opening day jitters saw a 5-2 first quarter score, but both teams got settled and the contest ended with JAV the victor 37-35. Jacks Madigan was high scorer for JAV with 9 points, Ruben Rodriguez and Trenton Maher each added 7 , and Jeremy Tsujihara had 5 points. Matthew Shane had 12 points for WT, Sean Lowe had 10 and Tyson Wynn had 5 points.

GENERAL EQUIPMENT out scored MARK COLEMAN INSURANCE in a low scoring game, 25-16. Juan Castro led the scoring for GEM with 9 points,Trevor Elena had 5 and Nick Raymond 4 points.For MCI, Jesus Gonzalez had 7 points 4 rebounds.

ANETTES CHOCOLATE started the season with a 39-24 win over PHYSICAL THERAPY CENTER. Tyler Ghisletta and Cutler Low each scored 10 points forAC, Justin Yates, Carlos Chavez, and Jake Whipple each added 4. Aiden Waters and Casey Peck had 8 points apiece for PTC and Jason Scott had 5 points.

Caymus Barrett scored 20 points to go with 4 steals to lead LONG ELECTRIC to a 48-39 victory over MARK COLEMAN INSURANCE. The other scoring for LEC were Cameron Blos with 11 and Quintin Fisher with 9. For MCI, Jesus Gonzalez had 9 points as well as 19 rebounds, Jordon Furth-Lopez had 6 points, and Ruben Villanueva and Dante Salinas added 4 apiece.

January 18, 2017

January 3, 2017

November 14, 2016



October 21, 2016
We are back for the 22nd year of Optimist Youth Basketball High School Boys Program. You can sign-up at any of our signup time found on our web site on News. Or we are having a specific high school sign up on Wednesday November 16 6-8pm or Saturday November 19 9am-1pm at Napa Vallel College Gym Lobby.

At that time you can sign-up, get information, and request team placements. Sign-up, get your friends to sign up to be on the same team. Don't miss it. It will be the most fun you have in high school. You can trust me. $90.00 scholarships available. $20.00 refund at the end of the year.

March 13, 2016
Championship game to be played, Friday March 18.
Semi-final elimination games to be played Thursday March 17. Please check schedule for times and teams.
In the interest of time and players commitments, we have needed to shorten our season from our original plan. Looking forward to a great playoff week coming up.

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